Wrought iron - forged ring
Bar type [mm]Art. nb.
Square bar 10x10[mm]10x10908/1
Square bar 12x12[mm]12x12908/2
Square bar 14x14[mm]14x14908/3
Square bar 16x16[mm]16x16908/13
Forged square bar 12x12[mm]12x12908/4
Forged square bar 14x14[mm]14x14908/5
Flat bar 20x6[mm]20x6908/8
Flat bar 20x8[mm]20x8908/9
Flat bar 20x10[mm]20x10908/10
Wrought iron - forged ring
Bar type [mm]Art. nb.
Square bar 10x10[mm]10x10909/1
Square bar 12x12[mm]12x12909/2
Square bar 14x14[mm]14x14909/3
Square bar 16x16[mm]16x16909/13
Forged square bar 12x12[mm]12x12909/4
Forged square bar 14x14[mm]14x14909/5
Flat bar 20x6[mm]20x6909/8
Flat bar 20x8[mm]20x8909/9
Flat bar 20x10[mm]20x10909/10
Wrought iron - forged ring
Bar type [mm]Art. nb.
Square bar 10x10[mm]10x10910/1
Square bar 12x12[mm]12x12910/2
Square bar 14x14[mm]14x14910/3
Square bar 16x16[mm]16x16910/13
Forged square bar 12x12[mm]12x12910/4
Forged square bar 14x14[mm]14x14910/5
Flat bar 20x6[mm]20x6910/8
Flat bar 20x8[mm]20x8910/9
Flat bar 20x10[mm]20x10910/10
Wrought iron - forged ring
Bar type [mm]Art. nb.
Square bar 10x10[mm]10x10911/1
Square bar 12x12[mm]12x12911/2
Square bar 14x14[mm]14x14911/3
Square bar 16x16[mm]16x16911/13
Forged square bar 12x12[mm]12x12911/4
Forged square bar 14x14[mm]14x14911/5
Flat bar 20x6[mm]20x6911/8
Flat bar 20x8[mm]20x8911/9
Flat bar 20x10[mm]20x10911/10
Wrought iron - forged ring
Bar type [mm]Art. nb.
Square bar 10x10[mm]10x10912/1
Square bar 12x12[mm]12x12912/2
Square bar 14x14[mm]14x14912/3
Square bar 16x16[mm]16x16912/13
Forged square bar 12x12[mm]12x12912/4
Forged square bar 14x14[mm]14x14912/5
Flat bar 20x6[mm]20x6912/8
Flat bar 20x8[mm]20x8912/9
Flat bar 20x10[mm]20x10912/10
All prices are given in PLN.
We are able to tune all given dimensions according to your requirements.
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